UPDATE: Motorcyclist Passes Away After Delray Beach Crash

William Cintron Passed Away After Delray Beach Crash

William Cintron In Critical Condition After Delray Beach Crash

William Cintron In Critical Condition After Delray Beach Crash


William Cintron has passed away at Delray Medical Center due to injuries sustained from the crash.

Originally reported by Boca Post

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that they are investigating an accident that critically injured a motorcyclist in Delray Beach in Delray Beach this morning.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that at approximately 9:18 AM on Wednesday, October 12th, 2022, deputies responded to the area of Military Trail and Beechwood Road in Delray Beach in reference to a motorcycle versus vehicle accident.

Responding PBSO district deputies and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue located a motorcyclist, identified as William Cintron, 48, of Boynton Beach, with life-threatening injuries. The other vehicle, a Lincoln MKZ, had only a single occupant who had no injuries.

PBSO Traffic Homicide Unit detectives were notified and began an investigation into the incident. Detectives tell us that the Lincoln MKZ was stopped northbound on Military Trail within the left turn lane at its intersection with Beechwood Road waiting to make a U-turn.

Cintron was traveling southbound on Military Trail at a high rate of speed weaving through traffic (according to witness testimony and video surveillance) approaching the intersection of Beechwood Road.

After the southbound traffic cleared, the driver of the Lincoln MKZ began to make the U-turn. As the MKZ was in the process of completing the U-turn, Cintron struck the front passenger area of the Lincoln. As the crash ensued, Cintron and his motorcycle were redirected into the air and struck a wooden pole. Cintron was redirected downward and struck the ground and came to a final rest approx 200 feet south from the impact.

Cintron was transported to Delray Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

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