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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you are ready to start advertising but you have questions?

What makes boca post’s business directory better than the competitors?

Boca Post is a hyperlocal news publisher with 1000s of daily readers. As a news publisher, we build authority, its what we do. This allows us to quickly outrank regular business directories in the search engines where people are looking for your competitors.

what types of pictures can i share?

Since the Silver package only includes 1 photo, most businesses upload their business logo, which makes perfect sense.

With the Gold package, you can share images of your finished products in addition to your logo. Restaurants share images of their popular dishes, stores show examples of products they sell, etc.

what do i write for my “business description”?

You can write anything you want, really. We recommend you keep it short and sweet. The following example sample that works for many of our customers:

We are *Business Name*, *briefly describe your business focus*. With *X* years of experience, we *mention unique selling points*. Serving *target audience*, our mission is *brief mission statement*.

Explore *products/services* that set us apart.

📍 Location: *Your Location*
📞 Contact: *Your Contact Information*
🌐 Website: *Your Website*
Why Choose Us?
*Highlight one or two key advantages*

*Optional: Mention a customer testimonial or achievement*
🚀 What’s Next? [Encourage action: Visit our website, call us, etc.]

i am scared to put my e-mail address on the web but I WANT NEW CUSTOMERS TO CONTACT ME. WHAT DO I DO?

Leaving your e-mail on a web page, even a business directory, is never a good practice. Your e-mail address could easily be harvested by evil internet robots and later targeted by spammers and/or scammers. We recommend that you do not list your e-mail address.

Luckily, if you purchase the ‘Gold’ package, you can have a form on your business listing for customers to contact you. When new customers fill out the form you will receive an e-mail from our system without ever exposing your actual e-mail address.  


how long does it take to get started?

All advertiser-submitted business listings undergo a manual review process. After checkout, we will review the content and publish after approval.  We may contact you with suggestions, if applicable.

Listings are published immediately after they are approved. Listings are generally approved within hours.