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Lake Boca

Lake Boca is a popular boating destination in Boca Raton and is well known for it’s clear waters. Lake Boca gets particularly busy during the weekends as it is known to be a place for floating parties.

Particularly on the last Sunday of April when an impromptu event called “Boca Bash” happens every year. Boca Bash is known by locals as the biggest party on the water in the area.

Where is Lake Boca Raton?

Located about a mile from the Boca Inlet, The Lake Boca lagoon is near at Mile Marker 1047.5. For precise marine navigation: Lat / Lon: N 26° 20.783′ / W 080° 04.350′

Can You Swim In Lake Boca?

Absolutely! While the are is only available by boat, it is absolutely safe to swim at Lake Boca. Lake Boca does get very busy during the weekends so swimming may become a bit more limited with the increased boat traffic.

How deep is the water at Lake Boca?

The depth of the water at Lake Boca will vary with tidal changes. The depth is generally about 8 feet.