Boca Post Policies

Boca Post Background

Boca Post is a news organization that primarily reports on hyper-local news stories. The domain bocapost.com, website hosted on bocapost.com, official Boca Post social media accounts, and all other assets are fully owned and operated by Pledged Media, LLC.

Boca Post was created out of necessity in late 2021. While there was no shortage of major news coverage in southern Palm Beach County and northern Broward County, something was missing. As an actual native Floridian and Boca Raton resident, Mike Thomas, owner of Boca Post, grew tired of reading biased articles written when looking for local news.

As Boca Post continues to grow, we remain true to our mission. In a world where people have lost faith in the news, we continue to be the exception. You can always count on getting timely, honest, accurate, unbiased local news from us.

Reporting News And Public Record

Boca Post reports on hyperlocal news stories that the larger media outlets may not cover. Research for this type of reporting is done in various ways including reviewing arrest documents such as arrest affidavits. Generally, our reporting comes from information received from law enforcement agencies, court systems, and other public organizations.

A Little About Mugshots

Florida law does provide individuals the opportunity to have their mugshots removed from websites that publish mugshots. Florida State Statue 901.43 prescribes the procedure to have booking photos removed from those types of websites and outlines punishments to website owners who don’t comply.

Boca Post and other news media organizations don’t fit in that category as publishing mugshots is not our primary business model. Section 5 from F.S.S. 901.43:

(5) This section does not apply to any person or entity that publishes or disseminates information relating to arrest booking photographs unless:

(a) The person or entity solicits or accepts payment to remove the photographs; or
(b) The person’s or entity’s primary business model is the publishing and disseminating of arrest booking photographs for a commercial purpose or pecuniary gain.

Boca Post will not accept payment in any form to remove mugshots from our website.

We don’t delete articles

Boca Post does not delete articles on the basis of the legal outcome of a case.

Boca Post may, on occasion, at its own full discretion, redact names, identifiable information, and images out of news articles. Boca Post will consider redacting personal information on subjects who have had their cases adjudicated not guilty. This courtesy redaction is done at the sole discretion of Boca Post.

Keep in mind that arrest records are public information. Boca Post violates no covenant of privacy by publishing arrest records.

If you have concerns please contact us.

Requesting updates and revisions

Boca Post is not in the business of publishing incorrect information or making up stories, but sometimes, mistakes in journalism are made. If you believe Boca Post made a mistake and published incorrect information, please contact us. Boca Post will make corrections and redactions to journalistic errors with or without notice.

Absolutely NO Threats of any type

Don’t threaten us. Threats of violence will be reported to law enforcement. Legal threats will be discarded. We will gladly reason with anyone who has a problem with what we are doing. If you have a question or concern, please contact us.

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