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First of all, we are sorry for your loss. Also, thank you for trusting Boca Post with the great privilege of honoring your loved one. We take the responsibility of honoring your loved one’s memory seriously. As a hyperlocal news source, we are relied on by 1000’s of local readers every day to learn about isues that larger agencies are too busy to report on. With our targeted reach, we are able to share your loved one’s obituary with the community that was important to them.

Eternalize your tribute
  • Eternalize your thoughts and feelings and honor your loved one with kind words
  • Share your loved one’s funeral information
  • Share charity information in your loved one’s name
  • A strong search engine presence guarantees the obituary will be seen by those who are looking for it
  • All published obituaries are immediately indexed by search engines for global distribution.
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    • Affordable and simplified flat-rate pricing
    • We don’t sell ad space on obituaries.

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