RUMORS: Nationwide School Bombing And Shooting Threats Today

Yesterday a frantic media buzz was stirring up fear. Today we learn of nationwide TikTok ‘challenge’.

Rumors Nationwide School Bombing And Shooting Threats Today

Rumors Nationwide School Bombing And Shooting Threats Today

Boca Raton, FL – The Boca Post ( — Yesterday certain members of the media ran with the rumors and caused genuine fear among local parents. Today we learned that the threats are actually part of a nationwide rumors proliferated on TikTok.

This morning Palm Beach County parents were receiving robocalls about emails sent out recently regarding reported threats of school violence including threats of shootings and bombings.

Thanks to the proliferation of the rumors swirling around on TikTok a great amount of fear spread among parents and students. This fear of course was prevalent in Boca Raton and all of Palm Beach County. We have heard reports of parents keeping their kids home from school today even though the word has been getting out that it was just a rumor.

This rumor was compounded by the fact that some media outlets promoted the fear in their efforts to break stories first even though they are just dealing in rumors.

Rumors Nationwide School Bombing And Shooting Threats Today

Photo Credit: Twitter – Palm Beach County School District

The Palm Beach County School District released a statement much many other school districts across the country today. The notice, seen above, talks about a video swirling around TikTok encouraging school violence. The notice goes on to say that The School District Police are fully aware of this disturbing trend and are prepared to deal with it.

Earlier this week, Gregory Tony, Sheriff, Broward Sheriff’s Office, released the following video highlighting the dangers of making threats to schools. Sheriff Tony wants the public to know that making threats to schools is no joking matter.

Sheriff Gregory Tony warns school threats are no laughing matter. “If you make a threat as a student, you are going to be arrested and most certainly prosecuted, and these serious criminal charges will remain with you throughout your entire life,” Sheriff Tony said.

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