WEST PALM BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Large, multi-agency Fire Rescue drills simulating open-water incidents near Curry Park all week.

The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) will be conducting an extensive and collaborative exercise from Monday to Thursday at Currie Park and the adjacent Intracoastal Waterway. This drill involves PBCFR and several other partner agencies, utilizing various assets such as land based, marine and air resources. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Currie Park between October 30th and November 2nd, expect to witness these units in action both visually and audibly. The drills will commence around 7;30 am each day and conclude by 5 pm. There will be boats, PRWC’s (Portable Radio/Wireless Communication systems), as well as personnel operating on, near or in the water. Additionally, helicopters will be flying at low altitudes within the area. Rest assured that Currie Park itself along with its boat ramp will remain accessible to the public; however, please note that certain areas within and surrounding Currie Park may have limited access during these drills.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue tells us to anticipate a significant presence of fire rescue teams and law enforcement personnel in this area.

Several organizations are said to be involved in the incident, including Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Boynton Beach Fire Rescue, Delray Beach Fire Rescue, Town of Palm Beach Fire Rescue, West Palm Beach Fire Department, Tequesta Fire Rescue, Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue, Boca Raton Fire Rescue, Martin County Fire Rescue and The US Coast Guard.

Most of the activity will be at and around Currie Park located at 2400 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach including the general area encompassing the Intracoastal Waterway near Currie Park.

PBCFR says that the training is every day this week, from Monday to Thursday, specifically on October 30, 31, November 1 and 2, the drills will take place between 7;30 a.m. And 5 p.m. Each day.

These drills are designed to simulate an Open Water Incident involving multiple agencies. You can anticipate the presence of marine units such as boats, PRWC (Jet Skis) and helicopters flying at low altitudes over the Intracoastal Waterway. During the drills, personnel will be deployed into the water alongside simulated victims.

Residents of the Town of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach located near the Intracoastal waterway will have visual and auditory exposure to these drills.

Currie Park and the Currie Park Boat Ramp will remain accessible for public use. However, if you utilize the Currie Park Boat Ramp, please be aware that additional time may be required for launching and recovering your vessels.

Please note that access to certain areas will be limited during these drills. The northernmost boat ramp as well as areas north of it will have restricted access. Additionally, limited access will also apply to the eastern shoreline of Currie Park between Picadily Street and 23rd Street.