Kevious Rolle Passed Away

PAHOKEE, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — 34-year-old Kevious Rolle died after a deadly motorcycle accident in Pahokee on Monday morning.

The crash happened just after 5 AM on Monday, October 30th, 2023 near a home on Belle Glade Road in Pahokee.

According to PBSO, Vinicio Solorio was driving a Ford F 150 heading south on Belle Glade road. At the same time, Kevious Rolle was riding a motorcycle in the same direction, approaching Solorio’s truck at an extremely high speed. Unfortunately, Rolle lost control of his motorcycle and collided with the right rear of Solorio’s truck. The impact caused Rolle to be thrown off the motorcycle and onto the western shoulder of the road. He then collided with multiple power poles before finally coming to a stop on the shoulder. As for Rolle’s motorcycle, it veered off the roadway in a southwesterly direction and hit a fire hydrant before continuing its path and colliding with another vehicle parked legally on private property at 1337 belle glade road. The motorcycle then overturned over an illegally parked car and crashed into the house located at 1337 belle glade road. The collision resulted in damage to both the house and its windows due to flying debris.

Tragically, Rolle was pronounced dead at the scene of this unfortunate accident.

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