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EXCLUSIVE: Friends Say PBSO Ignored Their Pleas To Rescue Victim For 14 Hours Before Shooting

Did PBSO Ignore Friends Of Victim Prior To Gaining Entry And Shooting The Suspect? Witnesses Say There Is Video To Support Claims.

Breaking Shooting On Larkspur Trail In Boca Raton
The Scene Just Before The Shooting. Boca Post.


PBSO has identified the suspect who was shot by PBSO deputies in the head as Tzvi Allswang who lives at the home on Larkspur Trail. PBSO tells Boca Post that Tzvi is in stable condition and is expected to survive the shooting.

PBSO says that several charges are pending once Allsawng is released from the hospital.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — PBSO tells the media that they responded to the home on Larkspur Trail in Boca Raton at approximately 6:30 AM before the shooting occurred, but witnesses are telling Boca Post a different story.

Boca Post has received information from sources close to the PBSO-involved shooting on Larkspur Trail in Boca Raton that implies that there is much more to this than what PBSO told the media late on Saturday evening.

Boca Post reported on this incident and was on the scene prior to the shooting. Contrary to PBSO’s statement to the media that the shooting occurred at 6:30 AM, we know it happened hours later because we were there before it happened shortly before 9:30 AM.

Boca Post has learned from witnesses who were at the scene overnight who say they have video proof that PBSO refused to help with this situation prior to the shooting. Witnesses say that to spite their pleas to PBSO, the victim suffered 14 hours of captivity prior to PBSO breaching the door. The following is a timeline provided by one of our sources:

  • 8:30 pm: Call from victim’s girlfriend to attempt to locate her or verify if anyone had her location after she had not returned home by 6:30 pm.
  • 1:00 am: Missing person report filed by victim’s girlfriend.
  • 3:00 am: victim’s boss/Assailants Doctor provided the full name and address of the assailant.
  • 3:00 am: Victims girlfriend called the detective to send police to the assailant’s address advising missing person was kidnapped at the residence.
  • 3:30-4 am: Officers on the scene called the victim’s girlfriend back and refused to make entry AFTER the doctor verified the victim’s car was in the driveway. The doctor also verified that the assailant was last with Victim, for therapy work.
  • 5 am: Victims girlfriend and friends showed up at the residence location and waited.
  • 6:30 am: When no cops showed up, cops were called again.
  • 7:19 am (video proof): Two officers arrived on the scene where we pleaded for them to break-in
  • 7:30-8 am: Scream heard by officers and two friends of victim from residence
  • 8:00 am-8:30 am: Victims friends & GF pleaded from the street for them to go in there, but they refused to state they need supervisor permission (asked “how are we getting in, do you have keys?”)
  • 8:30 am: Sergeant arrives, tells us to leave and that there was no probable cause at this time to break in (video proof) & stated “what screams” when witnesses argued a scream was enough probable cause.
  • 8:41 am: Fire truck & EMS began to arrive on the scene.
  • 9:31 am: First contact made from the K-9 SWAT announcing they are the police department and to leave the residence
  • 9:33 am: Saw was initiated to break down the door

We were told that the victim was held in there for over 15 hours when two calls were made pleading for officers to go inside because she was being held, hostage. One of the witnesses tells Boca Post that they were mistreated after the victim was finally rescued:

“After our friend was rescued, her loved ones on scene were audibly distraught and angry at the fact it took over 2 hours to breach after her scream was heard, they threatened to arrest us for audibly expressing our anger.”

PBSO has denied Boca Post’s public records request citing the protection of FSS 119.071(2)(C). calling this an “active criminal intelligence/active criminal investigation”.

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