BROWARD COUNTY, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Two South Florida man are in jail for scamming Uber out of more than a million dollars.

The two men stole more than fast food, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office. After an 8 month long investigation, deputies arrested 21-year-old Trayon Morgan along with 38-year-old Roy Blackwood who they say scammed Uber out of more than $1 Million dollars.

Investigators say that the duo would use fake accounts to act as the customer and the courier to steal from the company. The fake customer would place the order and then one of the scammers would use another fake account to go shopping. The scammer would then spend the credit card issued by Uber on other goods, cancelling the original order, as the fake customer.

This process was repeated many, many times, deputies say. According to Uber, Morgan and Blackwood were able to steal over $1 Million dollars by repeating this process.

Blackwood was arrested by Palm Beach Gardens Police Department on August 16th, 2023 and Morgan was arrested on August 22nd in Tamarac. Both are facing many charges, including scheme to defraud as well as grand theft.