Retired NYPD Officer ARRESTED For Pushing His Wife Who Says He Didn’t Do it

Retired Nypd Officer Arrested For Pushing His Wife Who Says She Didnt Do It - Daniel Willis

Retired Nypd Officer Arrested For Pushing His Wife Who Says He Didn’T Do It – Daniel Willis

According to police report, retired NYPD Officer Daniel Willis admitted to pushing his wife of 32 years and pulling hair then says he didn’t remember.

Boca Raton Police Department responded to the scene of domestic incident where responding officers found retired NYPD officer Daniel Willis. Willis admitted that he had pushed his wife of 32 years several times. He said that he pushed her to the ground and at one time he pulled her hair. Willis claimed he sustained injuries to his shoulder during the attack. Willis then said he didn’t remember what had occurred because he has been taking Valium for back pain.

Officers then spoke to the wife of 32 years who, according to the report, claims that Willis did not put his hands on her. The wife told officers that Willis is very dramatic. The wife did say that Willis threw a toaster inside the house; however, it did not hit her. Officers report that they did not observe any injuries on the wife.

Officers then again spoke to Willis who admitted that he put his hands on his wife and that he was ready to go to jail. Willis was then arrested based on this admission.

Willis was eventually booked in to the PBSO jail at approximately 11/24/21 1:53AM. He was arraigned at 1PM and released later that day on his own recognizance at 2:57 PM.