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POLICE: Boca Man Arrested For Choking Wife

Wife Claims She Thought She Was Going To Die. Leaves With Dog And Gun. Fight Started From Argument About Social Media. Charges Include Robbery, Battery, Criminal Mischief.

Police Boca Man Arrested For Choking Wife
Police Boca Man Arrested For Choking Wife

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton man was arrested on several charges including Domestic Battery By Strangulation, Robbery By Purse Snatching, and Criminal Mischief for his actions during a fight he got into with his wife early Wednesday morning.

According to a police report, <redacted>, 35, and his wife <redacted>, 32, went on a double date with another couple on Tuesday (12/21/21) evening and had some drinks. <redacted> was reportedly upset because <redacted> was talking about his ‘personal extremities’ to the other couple. When they got home, <redacted> allegedly confronted <redacted> about the conversation. <redacted> was asking questions and according to <redacted> he was just misunderstanding the situation.

<redacted> reports that <redacted> grabbed her by the neck with both hands and started to choke her forcing her to gasp for air. <redacted> claims <redacted> then threw her to the ground and got on top of her, still choking her. <redacted> says that <redacted> would stop for a few seconds but then continue to choke her. <redacted> told police that she told <redacted> that “he was killing her”. <redacted> alleges she was in the fight of her life and may or may not have hit <redacted> in self-defense. <redacted> said <redacted> then got off of her and she then rushed to get her stuff and got out of the apartment.

<redacted> then followed <redacted> to the elevator and then snatched her cell phone. He then smashed the cell phone by throwing it to the ground 3 times. <redacted> alleges that <redacted> grabbed her dog and even threw him down the hall.

Responding officers from Boca Raton Police Department then questioned <redacted> who, according to the police report, provided a similar account. <redacted> added that he was upset with <redacted> for talking about his ‘friends extremities and social media. <redacted> claims that when he asked <redacted> about it, she got very angry and attacked him. <redacted> claimed that <redacted> pulled a firearm out and while she didn’t point it at him she had it out and pointed it at the ground while she left the apartment. <redacted> admitted to police he destroyed his wife’s phone.

The video was reviewed by officers and they were unable to substantiate the claim about the gun in <redacted>’s hands. <redacted> did admit to having the firearm; however, she had it concealed and provided proof of a CCW when asked by officers.

Responding BRPD officers arrested <redacted> reportedly because the physical evidence supported his wife’s story in that he was the primary aggressor. <redacted> was arrested for the following:

  • 806.13(1B3) CRIMINAL MISCHIEF ($1,000.00 OR MORE)

<redacted> has since had his first appearance on 12/22/21 and was released from PBSO custody on a $3,000 bond.


It has come to our attention that the formal charges against <redacted> were dropped.


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