Plantation Teen Arrested For Extortion And Cyberstalking After Threatening Florida Senator

Florida State Senator Lauren Book
Lauren Book, Image Credit: Wilfredo Lee/Ap/Shutterstock

PLANTATION, FL – Boca Post ( — A Plantation teenager was arrested in Plantation, FL for felony cyberstalking and extortion charges after allegedly threatening Florida Senator Lauren Book with nude photos and videos in exchange for cash and sexual favors.

Florida State Senator Lauren Book requested the help of the state attorney and FDLE in mid-November as she received threatening texts from an unknown individual. Book reported that she was receiving explicit images from an unknown individual. Book reports that she was shaken up and recognized some of the images that she said were sent to a close friend of hers. The unknown individual over text told Book that he would leak the images to the media and her career would be over if she didn’t do what he said.

Plantation Teen Arrested For Extortion And Cyberstalking After Threatening Florida Senator - Jeremy Kamperveen
Jeremy Kamperveen, Image Credit: Broward Sheriff’S Office

According to the arrest report, FDLE then assumed the identity of Lauren Book with her permission and they proceeded to converse with the unknown person who was later identified as 19-year-old Jeremy Kamperveen from Plantation, FL. Kamperveen made several requests that the Book send him selfies and he said he wasn’t going to do anything with them if she cooperates. Kamperveen explained to the undercover agents, who he thinks is Book, that he already ‘owns’ her.

The texts then turn into negotiations. When asked ‘when will it end?’ Kamperveen responds ‘It will end once the money gets sent over. I’ll wipe all the photos and videos and I’ll block the number. It will just be some gift cards, call it a Christmas gift and I’m thinking around $5,000 dollars’. The undercover agent then offered $3,000 cash. Kamperveen replied ‘Cash or gift cards are the best, I need convincing, how about 3 and a blowjob? Three and a blowjob and consider it done. We’ll part friends and I’ll never bother you again. I’m willing to negotiate.  What would you offer me instead of the bj?’. They agree on $4,000 cash. They then agree to meet at Starbucks located at 3551 N. University Dr. in Sunrise, FL.

On the date of the meeting, Kamperveen texted the undercover again and described what he would be wearing. The undercover agent was at the Starbucks and identified Kamperveen and then FDLE took him into custody. Kamperveen provided consent to search his phone where FDLE found texts and even more videos and images of Book. Kamperveen admitted to everything.

Jeremy Kamperveen was arrested for the following charges on 11/17/21:

  • Extortion (836.05)
  • Cyber Stalking (784.048(2))

Kamperveen was released from BSO jail on bond on 11/18/21.

Kamperveen was being represented by a public defender who has since submitted a conflict and requested to be withdrawn as the attorney of record.

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