Much More Than SNOW: Another Arrest In Recent Boynton Beach Animal Abuse Case

Illegally Breeding And Selling ‘Luxury Dogs’. Sells Puppies Without Health Certificates. No Breeding License. Puppies Sick / Died.

Much More Than Snow Boynton Beach Animal House Of Horrors - Havenese Puppy

Havenese Puppy, Courtesy Of Facebook

Boynton Beach, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A follow up arrest related to the animal cruelty case announced by Boynton Beach Police Department on January 13th, 2022 has been made yesterday.

On January 13th, 2022, Boynton Beach Police Department published a press release announcing the arrest of Christopher Miller, 26, of Boynton Beach, for animal abuse.

The press release from Boynton Beach Police Department hinted that there would be another arrest and they said that the name of the codefendant was redacted. We quickly found the name of the codefendant; however, we made the decision to wait to publish the full story until the 2nd arrest occurs and we didn’t want to jeopardize the active investigation.

Christopher Miller Arrested For Animal Abuse

Christopher Miller Arrested For Animal Abuse

Christopher Miller, Courtesy Of Pbso Jail

As previously reported, Boynton Beach Police Department arrested Miller on 1/13/21 and charged him with animal abuse for the horrible treatment of ‘Snow’. Miller told police that he owned all of the dogs at that time. Miller tells police that all of the dogs are his ’emotional support animals’. Wait, all of the dogs? Sadly, yes, read on.

Alexandra Abreu Arrested For Animal Abuse

Much More Than Snow Boynton Beach Animal House Of Horrors - Alexandra Abreu

Alexandra Abreu, Image Courtesy Of Pbso

Alexandra Abreu, 23, of Boynton Beach, has been arrested last night, 2 weeks after her boyfriend Christopher Miller’s arrest. While we await the official details of her arrest, based on what we already know from other official sources, it is related to the abuse of Snow and the other dogs.


Abreu is the woman who had her name redacted in Miller’s arrest report. Abreu is the self proclaimed medical student.

Abreu was arrested last night and already bonded out of jail early this morning with a $3,000 bond. She was arrested and charged with “CONSERVATION-ANIMALS – TORTURE INFLCT PAIN SERIOUS PHYSICAL INJ DEATH” (828.12 2 (FT)).

Oh Snow, What Have They Done To You

Much More Than Snow Boynton Beach Animal House Of Horrors - Snow

‘Snow’, Image Credit: Boynton Beach Police Department

Initially, when initially searched the area around the house, they observed bottles of bleach discarded near the front door as well as a half full bottle. Snow’s cage had used and unused bandages and gauze nearby as well as antiseptic spray.

The particular details of the allegations are very disturbing. Especially for Snow, the puppy that Christopher Miller was arrested for abusing. According to police reports, Snow had a bone protruding from her leg. Abreu claimed that one day the paw was just ‘gone’. The self-proclaimed student doctor said she cared for the animal and the wound has ‘greatly improved’ under her care which included giving the dog Penicillin which she had left over from another dog’s C-Section surgery.

It was reported by neighbors that Abreu washed Snow’s cage with the dog still in it. Abreu admitted that allegation when asked by investigators.

In early November, the City of Boynton Beach submitted a petition to the court to remove Snow from Christopher Miller’s custody. That case was since dismissed when Miller willfully surrendered the animal to Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control or Boynton Beach Animal Control at the behest of the Animal Services of the Boynton Beach Police Department.


When Snow was evaluated by PBC Animal Care And Control, she was scared and very uncomfortable. Snow’s exposed bone was removed from her right font paw and the area was treated. It is reported that she was doing much better after the professional treatment she received and was more comfortable, very sweet, and mobile.

Boynton Beach Animal House Of Horrors

After interviewing Abreu, investigators found out there was much more to the story than just the deplorable treatment of Snow. Abreu admitted that she owns 16 dogs/puppies after initially only admitting to only owning 2-3 dogs. Abreu said that the 16 dogs were what was left after a Canine parvovirus Outbreak that killed an unknown number of puppies in her care. Abreu told investigators the following animals were dropped off at Best Vet:

  • ‘Cash’, American Bully, 3 years old
  • ‘Diamond’, American Bully, 1 Year old
  • ‘Toyoko’, American Bully, 3 Years old
  • Four unnamed American Bully puppies, 9 weeks old
  • ‘Cali’, French Bulldog, 2 years old
  • ‘Sunshine’, Shih Tzu, 9 months old
  • ‘Luna’, Havenese, 4 years old
  • ‘Oreo’, Havenese, 9 months old
  • ‘Kilo’, Havenese, 1 year old
  • ‘Star’, Havenese, 1 year old
  • ‘Shark’, Shih Tzu-Poodle Mix, 6 months old
  • ‘Cream’, Maltipoo, 9 weeks old
  • ‘Sugar’, Maltipoo, 9 weeks old

Abreu told investigators that the couple was dealing with the recent “parvo outbreak” in the home. Abreu claims that they dropped all of the dogs off at Best Vet while they were in the process of disinfecting the yard and house. However, Snow was left in the crate at the property.


Abreu initially told investigators that she routinely takes the dogs in for medical treatments and care and that she would surrender medical paperwork the following day (11/1/21).  According to reports, that paperwork was never turned over to Boynton Beach Police.

What Investigators were able to verify; however, was that Abreu did drop off 16 puppies at Best Vet in Boynton Beach. Staff at Best Vet told investigators that Abreu dropped off the animals that they described as being 8 weeks to 3 years old puppies who were sick/dying.

‘Alex Luxury Kennels’

Abreu, the unemployed, self-proclaimed medical student, admitted to investigators that Miller and her have been breeding dogs without a Palm Beach County Hobby Breeder permit and has been sold puppies without ever providing a health certificate. When investigators first gave her the opportunity to surrender the dogs that were in the custody of Best Vet at the time, she adamantly refused.

Christopher Miller Leaves Positive Feedback On Alex Luxury Kennels Facebook Page

Christopher Miller Leaves Positive Feedback On Alex Luxury Kennels Facebook Page


Boca Post found “Alex Luxury Kennels”, a Facebook page apparently owned by Alexandra Abreu, features the adorable puppies for sale. The Facebook page has a total of 1 review, 5 stars, given by Christopher Miller on January 10th, 2022. Just 3 days before his arrest for Animal Abuse.

Alex Luxury Kennels Facebook

Image Source: Facebook

The Alex Luxury Kennels Facebook made two recent posts. The most recent post including pictures of some male ‘Havanese’ puppies which the page claims were born on 11/19 and are described as ‘Male Havanese born 11/19 up to date In shots health certificate potty trained and crate trained is looking for his forever home {2,000}$’. This post was made just 4 days ago. Just 3 days before the owner of the ‘luxury kennel’ was arrested.

The page has images of what appear to be of previous customers who have purchased animals from ‘Alex Luxury Kennels’.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.