Former Margate Police Officer Receives 18 Year Sentence For Child Sex Charges

Former Margate Police Officer Receives 18 Year Sentence For Child Sex Charges - Andrew Christian Hammock

Andrew Christian Hammock, Courtesy Of Broward Sheriff’S Office

JACKSONVILLE, FL (BocaPost.com) — Former Margate police officer and Boca Raton resident Andrew Christian Hammock a/k/a ‘playful_guy’ has recently learned of his prison sentence after being found guilty of several child sex related charges on June 25, 2021.

Hammock, 48 years old, was working as a Police Officer for the Margate Police Department when he used social media to send more then 4,700 messages to a an undercover FBI agent he believed was a 14 year old girl. Hammock posted a public notice as ‘playful_guy’ in a public space stating that ‘Feel like peeking and being peeked at by a younger girl’. That is the post that the undercover FBI special agent responded to which started the investigation.

It is reported that after Hammock learned the ‘child’ was 14 he told her ‘bet you look amazing in a bikini’. He asked the ‘child’ about her sexual experiences and added that he wanted to help her have her first orgasm. Hammock repeatedly asked the ‘child’ to send him nude photos of her and her genitals. Hammock told the ‘child’ that he could get in to trouble for talking to her as he acknowledged she is under 18 and he is not.

There are 1000s of inappropriate messages sent from Hammock to the ‘child’ documented in the arrest affidavit. Many of them include Hammock begging to see the ‘child’ naked. Hammock sends nude pictures of himself to the ‘child’. Hammock sends the ‘child’ photos of himself in his Margate Police Department patrol vehicle.

The case was investigated and developed by the FBI and the City of Margate Police Department. Hammock was arrested and charged in March of 2020. Once the case was fully investigated and developed it was prosecuted by Assistant US Attorneys Kelly Karase and Ashley Washington. Hammock was found guilty and convicted in June of 2021.

The former Margate Police Officer has now received his sentencing of 18 years and 8 months in federal prison. Hammock will be 66 years old after serving that term and will have to then complete for 6 years of parole. In addition to that, Hammock will have to register as a sex offender. He was also ordered to forfeit the cell phone he used to commit the offenses.