Boca Woman Arrested 6 Months After Deadly DUI Crash On Spanish River Blvd

Boca Man Killed In June Crash. Woman Arrested This Week After Thorough Investigation.

Woman Arrested 6 Months After Deadly Dui Crash On Spanish River - Jill Tully

Woman Arrested 6 Months After Deadly Dui Crash On Spanish River – Jill Tully

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton woman is in jail after being arrested on a warrant issued as the result of the investigation in to the crash she was involved in on Spanish River Blvd that left one man dead.

Jill Tully, 61, of NW 4th Ave in Boca Raton, was arrested on 1/3/22 for a warrant acquired by Boca Raton Police Department resulting from their investigation in to a traffic crash Tully was involved in on June 28th, 2021. The warrant, which was issued exactly 6 months after the June 28th traffic crash which claimed the life of Orlando Solano Siles, outlines many steps BRPD took to make a successful arrest of Tully.

According to the probable cause affidavit submitted to acquire the warrant on 11/12/21, BRPD investigators report the details of the deadly traffic crash where Siles was pronounced deceased at the scene by Boca Raton Fire Rescue. Siles was found in his vehicle with “obvious fatal injuries to his body”. The passenger side airbag was deployed; however, the driver side did not have an airbag installed as the black 1997 Honda Civic had an aftermarket steering wheel which did not include an airbag. Responding officers report that there was devastating damages to the front of the vehicle.


BRPD investigators report that the front of the other vehicle, a 2015 white Ford SUV, had significant damage to the front of it as well. When investigators spoke to Tully who was driving the Ford, it is reported that she did not even ask about the other driver. When officers ask Tully what happened she just said “yeah my car is totaled and I’m hurt”.

BRPD investigators determined from the physical evidence at the scene that Tully turned her vehicle directly in to the path of Siles on Dixie Highway and Spanish River Boulevard. It is reported that there was two independent witnesses to the accident as well as one who had the entire incident captured by his in-vehicle dash camera system. That video as well as sworn witness statements were submitted as evidence.

Officers report that they observed an open 12 back of bud light in Tully’s vehicle. Tully said she was just on her way home from picking up her mother and sister from the airport and that she picked up from the RaceTrac gas station was for later when she got home. Tully said she did not consume any alcohol prior to the crash. Officers report that they smelled the odor of alcoholic beverage from her person.

A warrant was later obtained and a blood sample was obtained from Delray Beach Medical Center as Tully was being treated for her injuries. Finally on 8/10/21, blood results were produced as requested by the search warrant executed on 6/29/21. The blood sample confirmed Tully was under the influence and had varying levels of of ethanol, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, and Carboxy-THC in her system.

On 11/4/21, BRPD received results from the blood kit. Due do those results a warrant was requested on 11/12/21 and filed on 12/28/21. Tully was finally arrested on 1/3/22 and she is currently in PBSO custody where she is facing the following charges:


Editors Note

We respect our readers and don’t need to tell them that real life isn’t like what TV producers portray in popular crime dramas. Our readers understand that due diligence needs to be completed by real life law enforcement professionals and clearly that is the case here. Unlike the popular crime drama TV shows, real crimes are not solved within the 1 hour episode. The investigators from Boca Raton Police Department did a phenomenal job investigating this case and documenting the evidence in the 7 page arrest report submitted to the state.

For your convenience, we have attached a copy of the full 7 page police report below: