UPDATE: Attorney David Casals Arrested For Trying To Bring Drugs In To PBC Jail

Attorney David Casals Arrested On Drug Smuggling Charges. Laced Papers Sell for $1,000-$3,000 A Sheet, Known as ‘K-2 Paper Drug’

Update: Attorney David Casals Arrested For Trying To Bring Drugs In To Pbc Jail

Update: Attorney David Casals Arrested For Trying To Bring Drugs In To Pbc Jail

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — David Casals, a well known attorney in South Florida finds himself in some legal trouble today as he was arrested on drug smuggling charges.


Upon reviewing the arrest affidavit, which you can read for yourself below, we have more information to share about the alleged crimes. David Casals is accused of attempting to bring in 37 sheets of paper which were later found to be laced with cocaine in to the county jail in Belle Glade.

PBSO detective Philip DiMola was requested to respond to the West Detention Center in Belle Glade when correctional officers reported that Casals was in possession of ‘suspicious papers’. Casals was attempting to bring in a stack of papers in a manila envelope apparently disguised as a translated transcript for an inmate.

Upon further inspection, deputies suspected something was off with the papers as they appeared stained with some translucent substance and appeared to be swollen as if they were once wet and have since dried. A field test was completed and confirmed that the papers contained Cannabinoids. The papers were sent to PBSO chemistry unit for additional testing. About a week later, the papers were confirmed to contain cocaine.


This has become a familiar store to DiMola as in the past year he interviewed many inmates in reference to drugs being introduced to the jail. Several cooperating inmates have advised that in the past it was the PBSO deputies who would bring in the drugs. However, that activity as apparently ceased since PBSO fired and arrested 3 deputies for that activity.

Cooperating inmate witnesses say that since the deputies were arrested, it was now the lawyers who are smuggling in the drugs. The witnesses say that the attorneys are smuggling in what is called ‘K-2 paper drug’.  It is said that the papers are so addictive that family members of inmates are pumping cash in to inmate accounts and also using cash apps outside of the jails to fund the addiction.

Cooperating inmates say that the K-2 paper drug is known to be laced with roach spray and other toxic chemicals that the inmates would smoke to get high. Inmates have stopped breathing and have had to be administered Narcan (naloxone) to be revived in certain situations.

In this case, like DiMola has been finding more recently, the papers were soaked in a Cannabinoid or some other controlled substance. DiMola reports that he is finding these cocaine laced papers are selling for $1000 to $3000 per standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

Casals entered the jail with 37 sheets of paper containing a net weight of 136.64 grams of cocaine. The papers were tested by the PBSO chemistry lab and were found to be saturated with cocaine.

Casals has hired defense attorney Michael Salnick to represent him with this case.

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According to PBSO, David Casals was arrested on the following charges:

  • Trafficking Cocaine, FSS 893.135(1B), 1st Degree Felony
  • Delivery of Cocaine, FSS 893.13 (1)(A)(1), 2nd Degree Felony
  • Introduction of Contraband into a County Facility, FSS 951.22, 3rd Degree Felony

PBSO spokesperson Teri Barbera tells Boca Post that Casals was arrested after an extensive investigation that alleges he attempted to smuggle Cocaine in to the Palm Beach County Jail by saturating legal documents with it.

According to the Florida Bar, Casals was admitted to the Florida Bar in July of 2000. He has been practicing at his own firm in Fort Lauderdale.

Casals turned himself in to PBSO where he was booked and later released on $58,000 bond.

Arrest Affidavit