ILLEGAL BOTOX: Jupiter Business Owners And Employee Arrested For Illegally Administering Botox

Owner And Employee Of Aqua Laser Studio Arrested For Illegally Administering Botox

Illegal Botox - Jupiter Business Owners And Employee Arrested For Illegally Administering Botox

Illegal Botox – Jupiter Business Owners And Employee Arrested For Illegally Administering Botox

JUPITER, FL – Boca Post ( — The owners and an employee of Aqua Laser Studio in Jupiter, FL have been arrested for operating without a medical license after Police say they have been administering Botox and other injections illegally.

The investigation started when an ex-employee reported to authorities that the office was illegally administering Botox and other injections. According to an arrest report filed by the Jupiter Police Department, The Department of Health received a tip that an employee “JLO”, who is identified as Johnathan Michael Lopez-Oramas, was conducting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, Neuromodulator injections (Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin) and Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers without a medical license.

The former employee says that she received Botox injections from an unlicensed employee and that the owner, Donna Shuman, was present during one of them.

The former employee said that Lopez-Oramas started working at the business a week after
she did. She advised that he was brought into the business specifically to do all of the injections as no one else in the business did them. The former employee said during her course working there for 2 months, she personally witnessed Lopez-Oramas
conduct at least 50 injections into patients, as she would help Johnathan get the
patients ready and be the female assistant in the room.

The former employee said she never met the doctor, Dr. Charles Edward Flack, who the
business licensing is under and she never saw him at the business.

The former employee reports that there were 2 RNs that worked at the business; however, they only worked in an on-call capacity and only came into the office once or twice a month.

The former employee also noted that in the hallway behind the check-in counter, there is a plastic locked cabinet on the wall containing everyone’s licenses and there is not one for Johnathan Michael Lopez-—Oramas. Jennifer Tamules advised in the back office of the business there is a small refrigerator that contains Botox and Lip fillers. Located on top of the refrigerator is a hand-written log that is signed by Johnathan Michael Lopez-Oramas every time he uses a product.

According to the Department of Health, Lopez-Oramas does not have a license to perform these injections, nor is he an RN, physician’s assistant, or doctor.

After checking the Google reviews, there are numerous reviews stating the “JLO”
administetaéd Botox to patients and did an excellent job.

On February 3rd, 2023, an undercover agent with the Department of Health called Aqua Laser Studio and confirmed that “JLo” was doing Botox treatments at the facility. The UC made an appointment for February 7, 2023, at 4:00 pm to receive Botox injections.

During the undercover operation, the DOH agent posed as a patient and was accompanied by an undercover Jupiter Police Detective. After entering the establishment and filling out
patient paperwork, they were shown to an exam room where they met with Johnathan
Lopez-Oramas. Lopez-Oramas conducted a consultation with the undercover and started to
prep the skin for injections. Lopez-Oramas wiped off her face of makeup, supplied her
with ice for the injection sites, and prepped the syringe.

At this point, the code word was given and Jupiter Police Officers entered the business and rescued the undercover agents. Lopez-Oramas was handcuffed and detained.

Lopez-Oramas admitted that he has worked for the business since August 2022 and was hired by Donna Feinberg Shuman to conduct Botox and Lip filler injections. Lopez-Oramas advised that Donna Feinberg Shuman knew he did not have a license and she referenced another local spa that also did the same thing. Lopez-Oramas also said he has never seen or met Dr. Charles Flack.

When Donna Feinberg Shuman was advised of her charges of operating a medical facility without a license, she reportedly asked “he doesn’t have a license?”. Shuman denied the allegations and said she wasn’t in charge of the cabinet that contained the medical licenses.

Donna’s son, Jonathan Feinberg, a Boca Raton resident, reportedly works in the office as an office manager and is also a part owner of the business. Investigators say that he has full knowledge of the illegal operation.

Johnathan Michael Lopez-Oramas was arrested and charged with the following:

  • 4 counts of battery/touch or strike
  • 5 counts of practice medicine without a license

Donna Marie Shuman and her son Jonathan Feinberg were charged with 5 counts of practicing medicine without a license.