Albert Camentz Shot, Killed. Mark Anderson Charged With Murder.

DELRAY BEACH, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — Mark Anderson of Lake Worth was charged with First Degree Murder for the shooting death of Albert Camentz of Delray Beach.

The Delray Beach Police Department is currently conducting an investigation, into a homicide that took place in the hours of Wednesday morning. The incident occurred at a condominium unit on the beach.

Authorities were informed about it after receiving a delayed call reporting a shooting. Upon arriving at the scene officers discovered that the victim, Albert Camentz had already been taken to the hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his gunshot wound.

Initial investigations, which included statements from witnesses indicate that there was a gathering of people inside one of the condominium units. It was during this gathering that shots were fired. Mark Anderson, who was present at the gathering has been identified as the individual responsible for firing the shots. The police found evidence outside. Recovered a firearm from inside the unit believed to be connected to the incident.

According to investigators, the group, who were all drinking that night, was using the hot tub at the condo. One of the witnesses says that the group were at the Funky Biscuit bar and Fat Cats in Boca Raton earlier that night.

Anderson has been taken into custody and charged with first degree murder. The motive, behind this crime remains unknown at this time.

If you have any information regarding this incident please contact Detective John Cacerea at 561-243-7871. Your identity can be kept anonymous.

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