OOPS! Boca Raton Man Arrested After Accidentally Shooting Friend

Boca Raton’s Albert Medina Arrested For Culpable Negligence

Boca Raton'S Albert Medina Arrested For Culpable Negligence

Boca Raton’S Albert Medina Arrested For Culpable Negligence

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton man has been arrested and charged with culpable negligence after shooting his friend on accident.

Albert Medina, a Boca Raton attorney, and real estate broker, has been arrested for culpable negligence following a shooting that happened in his home on 43rd Terrace in Boca Raton last October.

Medina asked his friend to get something out of his car. When the friend refused, Medina went and got his firearm out of his room. Medina pointed the gun at his friend, racked it, and pulled the trigger. Medina says he was confused when the gun fired because he didn’t realize a magazine was loaded.

When Medina called 9-1-1, he frantically repeated that he didn’t know there was a bullet in the gun and that it was an accident. The accident left his friend with a bullet in his bicep. Medina applied a makeshift tourniquet with a belt to slow the bleeding before Police and Fire Rescue were able to respond. The victim was transported to a local trauma center and treated for his injuries.

When asked, the victim told investigators that Medina has pointed the firearm at him as a “joke” at least 10 times in the past. The victim claimed that he believes it was an accident and that he did not want to prosecute.  A week later, the victim changed his mind and told Boca Raton Police that he wanted to prosecute.

BRPD later filed for a warrant to arrest Albert Medina for culpable negligence.