Glades Of Boca Lago Grills Residents Over BBQ, Lawsuit Says

Glades Of Boca Lago In Boca Raton Sues Residents Over BBQ Grill

Glades Of Boca Lago In Boca Raton Sues Residents Over Bbq Grill

Glades Of Boca Lago In Boca Raton Sues Residents Over Bbq Grill

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A couple living in Boca Lago have been grilled about a BBQ on their patio and now Boca Lago HOA is taking the issue to court.

The lawsuit just filed with Palm Beach County courts claims that Glades of Boca Lago residents Orri and Ilene Kessler have ignored commands from the HOA to remove the grill from their patio. The language in the lawsuit is very strong, it even references removing the BBQ from the community, not specifically the Kesslers’ unit. “OWNERS are in violation of the Association’s governing documents by failing to remove their barbecue grill from the community.”, says the lawsuit.

“The Glades of Boca Lago Condominium Association, Inc. Rules and Regulations provide that no flammable oil or fluid, such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha or benzene or explosives, fireworks or articles extra-hazardous to life, limb or property shall be used or brought into any unit or stored anywhere on enclosed porches and that barbecue grills using flammable fluids or gas are not permitted. True and correct copies of the pertinent provisions contained in the Association’s governing documents”

“Glades of Boca Lago HOA, by and through undersigned counsel, admonished OWNERS that they are in violation of the Association’s governing documents. On or about May 2, 2022, the Association, through undersigned counsel, sent OWNERS a demand relating to the violation.”

The lawsuit alleges that Orri and Ilene Kessler failed to participate in a statutory pre-suit mediation of this matter. Further, the lawsuit states Orri and Ilene Kessler’s failure to respond to the Association’s Statutory Offer constitutes a failure to participate in the mediation process under Fla. Stat. §718.1255 and Fla. Stat. §720.311 and pursuant thereto, they are precluded from recovering their attorney’s fees and costs in the above-styled matter.

Boca Post does not know if the grill is gas or electric. We do not know if the grill stays on the patio or not. Maybe this grill drama originated from some negative feelings? In any event, if the guiding documents of the community say no “combustible” grills, then it’s probably best to not get the HOA fired up about a grill on the patio.