LISTEN: Boca Girl Calls 911 On Cops

Arrest Boca Girl Calls 911 While Being Detained By Cops - Gabriella Bassetti

Gabriella Bassetti, Image Credit: Pbso Jail

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A Boca Raton girl was arrested by PBSO deputies for obstruction during a traffic stop where she was the passenger with a driver who was arrested for DUI.

Gabriella Bassetti, 19, of Boca Raton, spent the morning in jail and was released without bond after being arrested for resisting arrest without violence and misuse of the 911 system.

According to a police report submitted by arresting deputies, Bassetti was the passenger during a traffic stop that occurred near Crestwood Boulevard and Sparrow Drive in Royal Palm Beach at 3 AM on March 28th, 2022. The driver was arrested for DUI. Bassetti was told that she was free to leave but she needed to arrange for transportation. Bassetti then got into the driver’s seat of the vehicle that was to be towed. Deputies report that she would not exit the vehicle and that she was also on the phone with someone at this time. Deputies then pulled Bassetti from the vehicle and placed her in handcuffs.

PBSO Communications then advised deputies that they were still on the phone with Bassetti. Bassetti was telling a 911 dispatcher that she thought the cops were being racist because they didn’t give her a field sobriety test.

Listen to the audio from the 911 call here:


Boca Post has transcribed the audio here as well:

Girl: Hi umm so I’m on the street, I just got pulled over and I’m with my husband and they’re trying to arrest him for DUI. Right? But I am here and I am driving and I, they won’t breathalize, they won’t let me take the test, they only let my husband take the test, and I honestly thing its a little racist because he is brown and I’m white and they won’t even breathalize me.


Dispatcher: OK, Tell me where you are.


Girl: Let me find out the location


Girl (to cop): Whats our location


Cop: huh?


Girl (to cop): Whats our location


Cop: I dont know. But you get over there back in that truck in that car


Girl: Im sober


911 Dispatcher: Who are you talking to?


Girl (to cop): Whats your name?


Cop: Yelling – Get over here


Dispatcher: Is that an officer? Is that an officer?


Girl: Don’t touch me, He’s touching me, He grabbed me, he grabbed me, he’s arresting me, please, please, please 911, why, you didnt even test me, dont touch me, do not fucking touch me, no, you are touching me, (inaudible), tell me your name ….. (silence)

Bassetti was booked into PBSO jail at 4:52 AM and released at 10:01 AM without bond. Bassetti is now facing the following charges: