Boca Bash 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

What You Need To Know. Boat Ramp Closures. Issues And Concerns. FWC Provides Arrest And Engagement Data.

Boca Bash 2022 - Everything You Need To Know

Boca Bash 2022 – Everything You Need To Know, Image Credit: Facebook

UPDATE – 4/27/22fw

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has provided Boca Post with some metrics that measure their effort to promote safety on the Boca Waters during Boca Bash. The numbers are as follows:

  • Vessel Inspections: 148
  • Users Checked: 687
  • Uniform Boating Citations: 23
  • Other Arrests: 2
  • Warnings: 19
  • Boating Safety Hours: 107
  • Resource Warnings: 4
  • BUIs: 9

The two “other arrests” mentioned above are documented in Boca Post’s reporting of Cole Goldberg‘s arrest for attempted homicide when he allegedly tried to drown his girlfriend at Boca Bash. The 2nd arrest was his girlfriend and victim, Caroline Schwitzky, who was asrrested for an out of county warrant after the violent attack.

Originally Published By Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — It is the last Sunday of April and that means it’s time for Boca Bash! In spite of the difficulties affecting getting to the floating party, Boca Bash is happening today. Here’s everything you need to know.

As those of us who grew up boating in the waters down here know, Boca Bash is a party on the water. Those who grew up in ‘Old Boca’ will tell you, it wasn’t always like that. Every year, the impromptu event draws hundreds of boats to Lake Boca on the last Sunday of April.

Boca Raton Area Boat Ramp Closures

Launching your boat may be challenging today. Several popular boat ramps are closed today, which will certainly make it difficult to get to the floating party. The following boat ramps will be closed today:

  • Pioneer Park (Deerfield Beach)
    • Closed for construction since February.
  • Silver Palm Park (Boat ramp in Boca Raton)
    • Closed for construction since September of 2021.
  • Boat Ramps At Spanish River Park
    • Closed 6 am-midnight TODAY
    • No docking / disembarking from vessels at that dock
    • No pedestrian access
    • No non-motorized boat launching
    • No picnicking at Pavillion #2

Alsdorf Park has only 80 spots and is first come first serve. Law Enforcement will be on-site only allowing boats/trailers to park after another boat/trailer leaves.

Boca Bash Marine Forecast

To avoid the busy boat ramps, many people are traveling with their boats to Lake Boca after launching further north or south of Lake Boca. The National Weather Service tells us seas will be 3-5 ft with occasional 6-foot seas. The Intracoastal waters will be choppy in exposed areas, so a long journey from neighboring boat ramps to Lake Boca will be challenging for smaller vessels.

Boca Bash Rules

As usual, there will be an increased law enforcement presence around Lake Boca. Some of the important notices being reiterated:

  • BUI / DUI will NOT be tolerated. Have a sober skipper/driver.
    • Blood Alcohol Content levels vary for boats:
      • Adult boaters: BAC for a boat is .08BAC, the same as a car
      • Minors: BAC for a boat is .02BAC.
  • You can expect law enforcement to be on the lookout for underage drinking.
  • Safety inspections are always a possibility. When FWC or another law enforcement agency sees 30 dancing teenagers on a boat, you can expect them to want to see 30 life jackets upon request.

Outside of that, it’s business as usual. Be safe and be courteous on the water. Some other things you may wish to remember:

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times:
    • When swimming, ALWAYS assume that boats in motion can’t see you.
  • Lake Boca is shallow
    • Law enforcement may block off the center, or may not.
  • Must-haves:
    • All boat safety requirements (a lifevest per person, lights, boat horn/air horn, etc)
    • A boat (duh)
    • Food and drink
    • Sunscreen
    • Floats / Rafts
    • Water safe footwear
    • Towels

Going to Boca Bash? 

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