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Boca Raton Woman Arrested For DUI Attempts To Bribe Deputies

Boca Raton Woman Arrested For Dui Attempts To Bribe Deputies - Danilina Marina
Danilina Marina, Courtesy Bso

Boca Raton, FL (BocaPost.com) (Copyright © 2021 The Boca Post) — A Boca Raton woman was arrested for DUI and Bribery after trying to pay a deputy to stay out of jail.

On November 18th, Broward Sheriffs Deputies were finishing up a traffic stop on University Drive near Hillsboro when they observed a vehicle traveling with 1 headlight on. As it approached they heard it making scraping noises. As the vehicle got closer to deputies they observed it run a stop sign and crash in to a guard rail. Deputies then approached the driver of the vehicle, Danilina Marina of Boca Raton, and asked if she needed medical assistance.

According to a police report submitted by Broward Sheriff’s Office, The deputies noticed signs of impairment so they requested the assistance of a DUI unit. DUI unit responded and conducted a DUI investigation. Malina allegedly failed all field sobriety tests and was then placed under arrest for DUI.

At this time, it is reported that Marina kept asking the deputy not to arrest her. She kept telling the deputy that she is a single mother and not to arrest her. Marina repeatedly asked the deputy what her options were to get out of the arrest. Marine requested that the deputy just take her home. Marina told the deputy that jail was not an option. Marina asked how much she had to pay to “get out of this”. When the deputy told Marina that bribing a police officer is a crime, she repeated “how much do I have to pay you to not go to jail.”

Marina later refused to cooperate and provide a breath sample and was allegedly biting the apparatus when the deputy was trying to take the mouthpiece out of her mouth.

Deputies noted in the report that a few blocks up the street from where Marina as pulled over they found a knocked down street sign and some debris. In the debris was a piece of a vehicle which matches the type of vehicle Marina was driving.

Marina was arrested for:

  1. Bribery of a public servant (838.015)
  2. DUI w/ damage to property or person of another (316..193-3c1)
  3. DUI w/ damage to property or person of another (316..193-3c1)
  4. DUI Alcohol Or Drugs 1st Offense (316.193-2a2a)
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