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ACCIDENT: Woman Run Over By Husband In Her Boynton Beach Driveway

Husband Backs Car In To Drive Way, Hits Gas Instead Of Brakes

Accident Woman Run Over By Husband In Her Boynton Beach Driveway
Accident Woman Run Over By Husband In Her Boynton Beach Driveway

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A 78-year-old woman is dead after her 82-year-old husband ran her over in the driveway of their home in the Coral Lakes neighborhood of Boynton Beach, FL.

According to a report from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, 82-year-old Howard Feilich was backing a 2020 Lexus into their driveway while 78-year-old Ilene Kesselhaut stood on the sidewalk. Feilich drove up onto the sidewalk, striking Kesselhaut. It is reported that Feilich mistakenly hit the gas instead of the brakes causing the Lexus to run the woman over.

The vehicle then continued backing into circles and came to a stop at the neighbor’s driveway across the street.

It is unclear at this time if Howard Feilich was experiencing some type of medical episode which may have contributed to this deadly accident.

Ilene Kesselhaut Howard Feilich Boynton Beach
Ilene Kesselhaut &Amp; Howard Feilich, Image Courtesy: Facebook

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