BOCA RATON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — 3 people died in a crash in Boca Raton on Monday, May 8th, 2023.

According to the Boca Raton Police Department, investigators are investigating a crash taht occurred on Monday, May 8th, 2023, at 11:38 A.M., at the 500 block of S. Dixie Hwy.

Investigators say that a 2004 Porsche SUV, driven by Roy Morris, of West Palm Beach, was traveling north on Dixie Highway in the right travel lane. Morris collided with a 2020 Kia sedan that was turning south on Dixie Highway from SE 5th Street. Two of the occupants of the Kia were pronounced deceased at the scene and a third was transported to the Delray Medical Center where she was later pronounced deceased.

Anyone with information regarding this crash, please contact Traffic Homicide Investigator Javier Casas at (561) 544-8579.

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