Kings Point Man Arrested For Trespassing After Security Chases Him Down At American Heritage School

Kings Point Man Arrested For Trespassing After Security Chases Him Down At American Heritage School - Sergey Tarkkanov

Sergey Tarkhanov, Photo Credit: Pbso

Delray Beach, FL – The Boca Post ( — A Kings Point man was arrested after being observed walking around the American Heritage School campus and apparently refusing to leave.

The Boca Post has reviewed the probable cause affidavit submitted by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office which reports that a man, Sergey Tarkhanov, 36, of Kings Point in Delray Beach, was observed on the campus of the American Heritage School in Delray Beach without permission.

According to the report, a teacher observed Tarkhanov acting ‘off’ near the fine arts building. The teacher approached Tarkhanov who then started to walk away from the teacher but farther into the school. Tarkhanov at one point told the teacher he was looking for his sister. The teacher then told Tarkhanov that he needed to leave and Tarkhanov began to run from the teacher. It is noted at this time there were about 200 students on campus.

Security was then alerted to the situation and responded. Campus security ordered Tarkhanov to the ground and he complied. Tarkhanov was apprehended by security near the uniform store without further incident. Tarkhanov admitted he jumped the fence to get on campus.

A review of the CCTV video confirms Tarkhanov was first seen on campus at 16:57. He was first engaged by the teacher at 17:02.

PBSO requested a Russian-speaking deputy come to assist since Tarkhanov spoke very little English. Once the translator was on-site, Tarkhanov was able to communicate that he was going for a walk and made a wrong turn. He said he was walking from his house in King Point, which is only across the street when someone started yelling at him. He said he only ran because someone was yelling at him and he didn’t understand them.

PBSO deputies charged Tarkhanov with 810.97(2) Trespassing on School Grounds after Warning because Tarkhanov did unlawfully enter and remain on school property without any legitimate business to be there even after being told to leave.

Tarkhanov was escorted to PBSO jail where he spent the night and was released without bond on 12/10/21 at 6:45 am.