Gabriel Glushien Charged With DUI Manslaughter. Aristides Guerra Passed Away.


Gabriel Glushien Charged With Dui Manslaughter

Gabriel Glushien Charged With Dui Manslaughter

On 11/7/2023, Gabriel Glushien (D-1), was arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail for DUI Manslaughter.

Originally reported by Boca Post

WELLINGTON, FL (Boca Post) (Copyright © 2023) — A fiery crash caused by a teenager driving a BMW M series killed a Wellington man on Thursday morning.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, 18-year-old Gabriel Glushien was traveling at a high rate of speed in a BMW M series when he collided with a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by 71-year-old Aristides Guerra who was trying to pull into the Greenview Shoppes at Wellington on Greenview Shores Boulevard.

The high impact of the crash caused the Jeep to catch fire. Guerra was unable to get out of the vehicle and died from his injuries.

PBSO tells Boca Post that they suspect Gabriel Glushien was driving under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and that charges are pending.

Gabriel Glushien is a senior at Palm Beach Central High School where he plays Wide Receiver on the school’s football team.

Gabriel Glushien

Gabriel Glushien, Image Credit: Ncasports.org

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