VIDEO: Did Delray Beach Officer Kick Small Dog?

Delray Beach Police Department SWAT Response Gets Alot Of Attention After Video Surfaces Of Officer Kicking (Or Not) Small Dog

Delray Beach, FL – Boca Post ( — Video shows Delray Beach Police Officer kicking the small dog backwards as it ran towards him and a K-9.

Delray Beach Police Department tells Boca Post that the action may have saved the small pooch.

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2022, Delray Beach Police Department’s SWAT team responded to a home near 6th Avenue in Delray Beach to conduct a search in reference to a 17 year old boy who attempted to murder a 10 year old. Police were able to safely arrest the 17 year old boy while in the home. He has been arrested and is now facing a 2nd degree attempted murder charge.

That successful arrest isn’t what people are talking about on social media. People are talking about this video instead. After the arrest a small dog runs toward one of the K-9 officers who apparently gives the pooch a kick.

Delray Beach Police Department has responded to criticism by saying that the officer was just preventing the K-9 from attacking the pooch. “The officer might have saved the little dog from serious injury or death.”, says a DBPD spokesperson.

The statement says that later on after the kicking incident, the dog was back inside the house and in a playful mood.

See the video for yourself: