SCAM ALERT: Callers Pose As Police And Demand Money

Scam Alert Callers Pose As Police And Demand Money

Scam Alert Callers Pose As Police And Demand Money

UPDATE – 3/28/22

This scam is continuing to make its rounds across the country. Delray Beach Police Department recently published a PSA about the same scam we reported on several weeks ago.

DBPD reports that scammers are calling citizens and demanding money from them while pretending to be police officers for the department. The scammers often times spoof the phone number they are calling from so a caller ID may show DBPD’s phone number. The scammers generally tell the victim that they owe them money for fines and demand payment on the phone via some mobile app.

DBPD says that at least one person fell for the scam.

A similar message is being shared by law enforcement agencies around the country as this scam is making its rounds again:

No law enforcement agency will ever call you and demand payment for any fees or fines. If in doubt, hang up on the caller and report the call to your local police department.

See the original report below.


Boynton Beach, FL – Boca Post ( — Boynton Beach Police Department is reporting a scam that is re-surfacing where callers pose as law enforcement and threaten victims into paying for fees they don’t actually owe.

Boynton Beach Police Department recently said that they had a citizen report a scam call where a caller posed as a BBPD detective and demanded money. The caller claimed to be “Detective Montoya” and told the would-be victim that they failed to answer court summons and they are now subject to fines.

The caller spoofed BBPD phone number which means when the phone rang it appeared to be from Boynton Beach Police Department.

The would-be victim became suspicious and hung up when the caller incorrectly stated certain information. The potential victim then called BBPD to find out if they actually had any outstanding fines or tickets.

BBPD wishes to remind the public that they will never call you to collect any money for anything, ever. BBPD is telling the public if this happens to you to just hang up and call the department directly at 561-742-6100.

Unfortunately, this is not a new tactic. This scam has been used across the state and potentially across the country since early 2021. The scammers are known to spoof the phone number of a local municipal or county law enforcement agency and then threaten would-be victims into paying them for fines or penalties that don’t actually exist.

Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody provided a public service announcement related to this imposter scam last march when this scam first surfaced. Below is a short video from the AG about this scam: