Delray Beach Imposter Dentist Turns Himself In To Jail

Plea Bargain From 2019 Arrest Leads To 6 Month Jail Sentence. Kings Point Area Imposter Implant Dentist Jailed.

Delray Beach Imposter Dentist Turns Himself In To Jail

Julian Saldarriaga, Image Credit: Pbso Jail

Delray Beach, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Delray Beach man and former owner/operator of J&J Dental Lab in Delray Beach has turned himself in to PBSO custody to start a 6 month sentence as agreed upon by a plea bargain.

Julian Saldarriaga, 63, of Delray Beach, has turned himself in to PBSO custody on Saturday 2/12/22 to start his 6 month sentence of which he is receiving 60 days of time served for previous stays at the PBC Jail.

According to court records, Saldarriaga is also sentenced to 3 years of probation following his release from the Palm Beach County Jail. Saldarriaga is also ordered to pay restitution to his former patients/victims as well as complete 75 hours of community service.

These conditions, which are the result of plea negotiations finalized in May of 2021, all stem from an arrest by Delray Beach Police Department in July of 2019. The original arrest reports submitted by Investigators with Delray Beach Police Department claim that Saldarriaga was the owner and operator of a dental business without having the proper dental license.

The business, J&D Dental Lab, was located at 16422 S Military Trail Suite 130, just across the street from the Walmart in Delray Beach, was not far from Kings Point or his own Las Verdes neighborhood.

According to arrest paperwork, “Julian Saldarriaga was operating the business J&D Dental Laboratory and was treating patients by taking molds, and making and repairing dentures, without the proper dental license from the State of Florida”. The report notes that Saldarriaga’s did have a valid dental lab license; however, it was renewed using Saldarriaga’s deceased father’s name. Further, that license required the written request of a licensed Dentist via a prescription.

Delray Beach Police say that after the initial filing and media release that many additional victims came forward and provided statements. Some victims say that Saldarriaga would ask them how he heard about his business and if they replied that they were referred by someone he would then tell them they could make an appointment. Saldarriaga was allegedly only taking cash payments and did not provide receipts. One victim was unable to pick up his own dentures due to the fact that Saldarriaga was arrested prior to returning the modified dentures to him.

In July of 2019, Saldarriaga was charged with the following:

  • 2 counts of 466.026(1A) PRACTICE DENTAL HYGIENE WITHOUT ACTIVE LICENSE 466.026(1A)
  • 466.0285(1B) NON LIC PERSON CONTROL DENTAL EQUIP 466.0285(1B)

As noted above, the cases were ultimately plead down after lengthy court proceedings as the criminal case comes to an end.