UPDATE: Chief Joseph DeGiulio Is Sworn In As Police Chief Of Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach Swears In New Police Chief As PBSO Submits Takeover Proposal

Chief Joseph Degiulio Is Sworn In As Police Chief Of Boynton Beach

Chief Joseph Degiulio Is Sworn In As Police Chief Of Boynton Beach

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Chief DeGiulo has officially been sworn in as the Chief of the Boynton Beach Police Department.

The question is, for how long? DeGiulo is the third Chief in only as many months. Citizens are concerned about whether or not they will have a Police Department after hearing about a costly proposal by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office to take over the city’s law enforcement function. With PBSO’s recent proposal coming in about $3M over budget, people are concerned.

It’s not just the price, either. The content of the proposal is also concerning many citizens of Boynton Beach. There is no mention of body cameras in the proposal, something citizens fought very hard for in the past. As the largest law enforcement agency in the county, as well as the largest expense to PBC taxpayers, the department does provide body cameras to deputies because the cost is too high, so they say.

In any event, Chief DeGiulo has been sworn into the position as top cop in Boynton Beach and the people are embracing him.

Originally reported by Boca Post

As Interim Police Chief Vanessa Snow announces her resignation, Boynton Beach announces Joe DeGiulo to be the department’s new Interim Police Chief.

Joe DeGiulo will be the department’s third Police Chief in just two months.

Interim City Manager James Stables stated, “I look forward to working closely with Interim Chief DeGiulio, who will serve as a key member of the City’s Executive Team, and I assure the community of a seamless transition of leadership in the Police Department.”

Joe DeGiulo, a BBPD veteran, has been climbing the ranks of BBPD since he started with the department in 2001.

But how long will Joe DeGiulo hold the title of Police Chief? With talks of a PBSO merger, and Boynton Beach’s leadership no longer restraining the deal, Joe DeGiulo may be the last chief of BBPD.