Juvenile Arrested For Murder After “Rolling Gun Battle” In San Castle Area Last December

Juvenile Charged With Murder Following Investigation Into “Rolling Gun Battle”

Man Hit By Stray Bullet, Killed In San Castle Area

Man Hit By Stray Bullet, Killed In San Castle Area


PBSO reports that an investigation led to a suspect in this case.

The suspect, a juvenile at the time of the incident, born in January 2005 was arrested on January 31, 2023, for 2nd Degree Murder, Discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and Delinquent in possession of a firearm, was located, and arrested and booked in the JAC Center.

Once adjudicated as an adult the suspect will be processed at the PBC Jail on the same charges.

The victim’s name has been withheld due to the invocation of Marsy’s Law.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — The San Castle sub development in unincorporated Boynton Beach broke out in gunfire during a “rolling gun battle” on Thursday evening, leaving an innocent man dead.

PBSO says an innocent man was killed as the result of a “rolling gun battle” between vehicles near the 1200 block of Mentone Road in the San Castle subdivision of unincorporated Boynton Beach on Thursday, December 29th, 2022. Responding deputies say that the man was declared deceased at the scene.

Detectives from the Violent Crimes Division are investigating the homicide.

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