Hazmat Situation Clearing At Canyon Lakes In Boynton Beach

Hazmat Situation Clearing At Canyon Lakes In Boynton Beach
Hazmat Situation Clearing At Canyon Lakes In Boynton Beach


The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that the scene was turned over to the United States Secret Service.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Deputies responded to a suspicious package, received in the mail yesterday, in the 10700 block of Canyon Bay Lane, unincorporated Boynton Beach.

As first reported by Boca Post on CODE3, a sizeable response by PBCFR was seen in the Canyon Lakes community in Boynton Beach after homeowners became sick and suspected it had something to do with what they are calling a suspicious package.

PBSO and PBCFR responded with the bomb squad and hazmat units.

Upon arrival, the homeowners advised deputies that they were not feeling well. PBSO protocol was immediately executed.  PBC Fire Rescue Hazmat and PBSO Bomb & Arson Squad arrived to investigate further.

PBCFR personnel entered the home in full hazmat gear and conducted an investigation into the potential hazmat situation.

Sources close to the incident tell Boca Post that PBCFR is scaling its response back and is just waiting for some additional test results.

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