Boynton Beach Cancels PBSO Takeover

Boynton Beach Cancels Pbso Takeover

Boynton Beach Cancels Pbso Takeover

BOYNTON BEACH, FL – Boca Post ( — PBSO announced today that the City of Boynton Beach is no longer interested in a merger with PBSO.

From PBSO:

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has been notified that the City of Boynton Beach no longer wishes to go forward with discussions about a merger of their Police Department with the Sheriff’s Office. It is important to understand the sequence of events that lead to these discussions.  First and foremost, the City contacted the Sheriff’s Office about the merger, at no time did we ask for or initiate the discussions.  During these meetings, the parameters of the merger were laid out as to each agency’s responsibilities so no surprises would be discovered. Budget information of the Police Department’s budget was requested, subsequent to these discussions the Sheriff’s Office submitted a proposal for the merger.

The proposed budget submitted was within the budget requested for next year for the Police Department. On August 12th the City informed the Sheriff’s Office they had a substantial pension fund liability that affects the merger.  At all times and in each meeting it was made very clear that at any time the City was not satisfied with the process they were free to terminate the discussions. The Sheriff’s Office wishes the City all the best and will assist them in any way if asked to do so.

Please contact the Mayor for any additional information on their decision.

This announcement comes after BBPD swears in the new Police Chief, Chief DeGiulo, a long-time veteran of the agency.