UPDATE: Two Injured After BMW Crashes Into West Boca Raton House

Two Injured After Bmw Crashes Into West Boca Raton House

Two Injured After Bmw Crashes Into West Boca Raton House


Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office tells Boca Post that the accident occurred when the driver of the BMW suffered an unknown medical emergency while traveling south on Woodstream Terrace. The driver hit the accelerator and was unable to stop.

The BMW impacted the north side of the residence located at 11444 Clear Creek Pl entering the residence and striking the 19-year-old occupant of the residence.

Both parties were transported to Delray Medical. The driver sustained a punctured lung and other minor injuries.

The 19-year-old occupant of the residence sustained injuries to the head. Both were alert and conscious.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Two people were sent to Delray Medical Center with serious injuries after someone drove a BMW into a West Boca home.

The area around the home, located on the 10000 block of Clear Creek Place, in the County Landing I community of West Boca, is usually very quiet. That was not the case on Thursday evening.

Boca Post speaks exclusively with a neighbor who says they heard tires screeching just before a loud crash. When they went to see what the noise was, they saw a silver BMW “sticking out of the house”.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 58 responded to find heavy damage to the vehicle and the house. Sources close to the incident tell us that one person was trapped in the vehicle which required extrication.

At least two people were transported to local hospitals.

The crash is still under investigation. Boca Post will update this article when any new details as they become available.

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