SCAM ALERT: Police T-Shirts For Sale

Local Police Departments Alerting Public Of Local Scam. Don’t Fall For It.

Scam Alert: Police T-Shirts For Sale

Scam Alert: Police T-Shirts For Sale

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — Local police departments are warning the public about a local scam currently targeting individuals over text messages to buy t-shirts from the police departments.

Boca Police Department is warning the public about a message people have been receiving where a scammer is pretending to sell Boca Police Department T-Shirts. The messages that have been seen look like this:

‘Dear <name>, BOCA RATON POLICE DEPARTMENT shirt $10 OFF ready to order now”

Boca Raton Police Department reminds the public that this message is in no way affiliated with their department. They are telling us that they do not sell t-shirts.

Pembroke Pines Police Department is reporting a similar situation. Pembroke Pines Police Department has said that the message comes with a link advertising the following text:

“Pembroke Pines Police Department shirt $10 OFF”

PPPD reminds the public that this text is not affiliated with their agency and just like BRPD, they recommend you just delete the message and not respond.

As always, never give any personal identifiable information in response to unsolicited calls or messages. As a general safety tip, it is best to just ignore and block these callers and senders. A lot of scammers will sent enticing offers to people in their campaigns to collect or verify PII (Personal Identifiable Information).