Less Golf Courses And Farmland More Homes For West Boca Raton

Less Golf Courses And Farmland More Homes For West Boca Raton - Gl Homes

Photo Credit: Gl Homes

Boca Raton, FL – The Boca Post (BocaPost.com) (Copyright © 2021) — This may be ‘old news’ to some; however, The Boca Post has found that many West Boca Raton residents have been largely unaware of how much land GL Homes has been acquiring for the 500+ acre development they are building in the western Boca Raton community.

Some will tell you that this has been a long time coming. In 2017, the Boca Raton city council approved the sale of the 190 acre municipal golf course located at 8111 Golf Course Road  to GL Homes for 65.7 Million. A year after that the city approved proposal for GL homes to build 550+ homes on the site. It has taken years for the Sunrise based company to close on the golf course property due to some opposition from local Glades Road Self Storage who claims the county and GL Homes inappropriately approved a communications tower near the golf course. The company’s opposition ultimately failed when a 3 judge appeals panel denied the petition in February.

Ultimately, the delayed closing only helps GL Homes due to the current low inventory of single frailly homes. A report from the Miami Association of Realtors reports a 10 – 17 percent drop in sales due to inventory. “Record-low inventory, rather than a decline in demand, slowed down Palm Beach single-family home sales,” they said. “More inventory is expected to come to the market in 2022 as potential home sellers become more comfortable listing and showing their homes.”

Less Golf Courses And Farmland More Homes For West Boca Raton - Gl Homes

Then there were the farms. GL Homes has acquired more than 334 acres of farmland near the area making the total size of the site 522.5 acres. The farmland was purchased from Daniel Johns and Dixie Houston in two separate deals:

  • 263 Acres at 20150 S. SR-7 – $170 Million
  • 71.5 Acres at 205th Street – $45 Million ($41 Million seller financing)

As you can see from the map, Olympic Heights High School sits in the middle of this future development. Many residents are unhappy about the development of this area for there will be a great increase of traffic in an already congested area.

GL Homes still requires Palm Beach County approval to build on these properties.