Lawsuit Against New Boca Raton Gym Dropped As It Pushes Toward Grand Opening

Reinventu Gym In Boca Raton Sued By Landlord, Owes Over $200K In Rent

Reinventu Gym In Boca Rato, Image Credit: Google


ReinventU tells Boca Post that the unpaid rent was merely a “communication error” between the land owner and the tenant. The gym’s owner tells Boca Post that the issue has since been resolved. Boca Post has reviewed court documents filed with the PBC Clerk Of Courts which confirm that the lawsuit has been voluntarily dismissed.

The gym owners say that they have been building an amazing gym facility and experience here in the heart of Boca Raton for the last several months and are pushing closer to a grand opening.

Originally reported by Boca Post

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — ReinventU Gym at 170 NW 20th Street in Boca Raton is facing an eviction lawsuit after the property owner says the new gym owes over $200,000 in back rent.

The gym, known as ReinventU, signed a lease with the property owner in May of 2021, according to court paperwork reviewed by Boca Post. According to the lease, the business must pay $18,213.26 a month to lease the new location.

The beautiful workout facility boasts all brand-new equipment that the company publicly advertises spending over $300,000 dollars on.

The gym, owned by Joseph Lefflbine and Kyle Klosowski, at one time, was scheduled to open in October 2021. According to sources close to the establishment, the gym apparently opened its doors to the public in October of 2022.

The land owner, 170 NW Investments LLC, is now suing the business owners for possession of the premises as well as a breach of contract. The lawsuit claims that Reinvent U Boca Raton, LLC owes a total of $217,639.17 in rent arrearages. The original contract, according to court records, was a 5-year lease that was slated to end on April 30th, 2026.

While the new lawsuit has not yet been answered by the gym owners, if the property owner’s actions are successful, a breach of contract, as well as an eviction, may cut that 5-year lease short.