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‘KingCid’ Arrested For Abusing 911 System In Coral Springs

Jason Cid a/k/a KingCid on YouTube, Arrested By Coral Springs PD For Abusing 911 System

Jason Cid Mugshot 'Kingcid' Arrested For Abusing 911 System In Coral Springs
Jason Cid Mugshot ‘Kingcid’ Arrested For Abusing 911 System In Coral Springs

‘KingCid’ Arrested For Abusing 911 System In Coral Springs Police Report

Coral Springs, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A popular YouTuber, known as KingCid, was arrested by Coral Springs Police Department for abusing the 911 system after one his ‘social experiments’.

Jason Cid, known as KingCid on YouTube, a 21 year old from the area is no stranger to Coral Springs Police Department who is known to film his ‘social experiments’ in the Coral Springs area. KingCid’s YouTube channel has over 2 million followers.

The incident which led to his arrest took place on 1/27/22 when he and his accomplices called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a gas station. Officers from Coral Springs Police Department responded to investigate and found a car full of nervous young men in the vehicle. Little did they know at the time, the vehicle was wired with cameras and the entire encounter was being recorded. Additionally, there were individuals nearby filming from different angles.

During the encounter, one of the suspects said something about there being ‘stuff’ or ‘coke’ in the trunk. Eventually, consent was given for officers to search the trunk. When the opened the trunk, they found it was full of coke — the drink. The ‘social experiment’ which Cid labeled as ‘Coke Prank On Aggressive Cops!’ on YouTube has received over 679k views at the time of this writing.

The entire call, according to police records, lasted about 45 minutes. A total of $135.63 of tax paying dollars was wasted on this encounter. The call and engagement delayed Coral Springs Police Department’s ability to respond to 7 other calls were held due to this waste of resources.

Coral Springs Police Department responded by making a video of their own, seen below. Chief Clyde Parry recorded a video following the arrest of Jason Cid for misusing the 911 system. Parry says the joke is on Cid.

Chief Clyde Parry calls this an ongoing investigation and says that additional subjects may be arrested as well. His message to Jason Cid or anyone who misuses the 911 system is simple: “Not in Coral Springs”. Parry adds that anyone who misuses the 911 system will be held accountable.

Coral Springs Police Chief Clyde Parry and the Coral Springs Police Department published the following video in response to this arrest:

Jason Cid was arrested on a warrant issued for misusing the 911 system. This arrest didn’t make it to his YouTube channel; however, BSO did retain a copy of the video for evidence.

Cid is facing 1 count of False 911 Call in violation of FSS 365.172(13).

A copy of the police report can be seen below:

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