Beg For More … Rodent Droppings

Beg For More Japanese Restaurant In Delray Beach
Beg For More Japanese Restaurant In Delray Beach

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DELRAY BEACH, FL ( (Copyright © 2021 The Boca Post) —

Rodent droppings found in a popular Delray Beach Japanese restaurant during a random inspection as well as the follow up inspection, report says.

According to Florida’s DBPR database, Beg For More, a popular Japanese restaurant located in Delray Beach has received several violations including the discovery of a dead rodent as well as more than 40 rodent droppings. The violations were observed on 3 different inspections which occurred from 11/4/21 – 11/6/21.

Other violations noted in the reports included not properly separating raw animal foods from ready to eat foods and not having a probe thermometer available to measure temperature of food products. It was reported that there was raw fish stored above ready to eat Kimchee sauce.

On 11/6/21 the restaurant completed it’s 2nd follow up inspection with no violations.



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