Boca Raton Police Department Officer fired for DUI after IA investigation finally completed

Bartolo Renteria, a police officer in Boca Raton, FL was charged with a DUI following a traffic incident on Sept. 8, 2020.

Boca Raton Police Department Officer Fired For Dui

Boca Raton Police Department Officer Fired For Dui

Officer Renteria was off duty and believed to be intoxicated at the time of the traffic stop which occurred on South Military trail.

On Sept. 9fter the arrest, Delray Beach police chief Michele Miuccio authorized an IA investigation into a crash occurring the day prior. The investigation was conducted by Sergeant Xerxes Callahan.

During the investigation, the Delray Beach Police Department had officers involved in the incident submit body cam footage to corroborate documented evidence submitted to the IA case file.

Reports found that Renteria was located at Game of Axes just prior to the incident alongside other officers.

Judith Karim, manager of local axe-throwing bar, Game of Axes, was able to produce Renteria’s bar tab and credit card transaction records from the evening of the incident.

Records, which were added to the IA case file, show that Renteria had purchased thirteen alcoholic beverages just prior to the crash.

In a review of body cam footage, DBPD Sergeant Jonathan Rusczyk discussed Renteria’s disposition during his encounter at the crash scene.

Rusczyk stated that Renteria was uncooperative and would not provide information as to what happened during their encounter.

Other officers on scene at Game of Axes attested to Renteria’s excessive consumption of alcohol.

Renteria also denied a request for blood testing

Officer Renteria pled guilty on May 17, 2021, per a court event form received from the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts.

While discussing the incident with Callahan on August 19, 2021, Renteria mentions that he didn’t remember leaving the bar and has no memories of the crash.

Renteria commented that he knew his actions and behavior on the evening of the crash were wrong.

The IA investigation found that the allegations that Officer Renteria engaged in conduct unbecoming of an officer was sustained.

The full IA report with redactions can be seen below: