Boca Raton Man Drives 120MPH Arrested For DUI

Boca Raton Man Driving 120Mph Gets Dui - Alessandro Dagostino

Alessandro Dagostino, Image Courtesy Of Pbso

BOCA RATON, FL – Boca Post ( — A Boca Raton man was observed by a PBSO deputy driving over 120MPH northbound on 441 in unincorporated Boca Raton.

According to a police report submitted by PBSO, Alessandro D’agostino, 19, was pulled over for driving over 120MPH in a black BMW as he blew past a PBSO deputy on US-441 just north of Glades road. The deputy allegedly clocked the black BMW at over 120MPH where the posted speed limit is 45MPH. The deputy reports that D’agostino did not stop when the deputy engaged his emergency lights and attempted to pull him over. The deputy goes on to say that D’agostino continued to elude him at about 80MPH. D’agostino then made a right turn, heading east, onto a westbound lane of Kimberly Blvd where he ultimately stopped.

The deputy then reports that when he made contact with D’agostino he asked for his driver’s license and instead was given a medical marijuana card. The deputy reports that D’agostino insisted that he gave his driver’s license and not the medical marijuana card. A DUI investigation was initiated as the deputy reports he smelled alcoholic beverages coming from the vehicle. The deputy reports that D’agostino had an unsteady gait.

D’agostino reports that he was coming from his brother’s birthday party and that he drank three beers and smoked marijuana early in the evening. It is reported that D’agostino was otherwise cooperative. D’agostino is reported to have failed several field sobriety tests. D’agostino later submitted a breath and a urine sample.

D’agostino is facing the following charges from this incident:


Research completed by Boca Post found that D’agostino recently had a run-in with FHP where he received a ticket for careless driving.

According to court records, D’agostino has employed Michael Somera of Somera & Associates for legal defense in that case.