Boca Man Arrested For Armed Robbery At Sandalfoot Area Gas Station

Suspects Beat Man With Broomstick. Spit On Him. Stole His Money.

Boca Man Arrested For Armed Robbery At Sandalfoot Area Gas Station - Dylan Losey

Dylan Losey, Courtesy Of Pbso Jail

Boca Raton, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Boca Raton man is spending his 20th birthday in Jail this morning as he was arrested on a warrant for a robbery he was involved in at the Chevron in Sandalfoot Cove on November 28th, 2021.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, a customer at the Chevron gas station in the Sandalfoot Cova plaza in West Boca was attacked and robbed when he asked two men to stop harassing the store clerk.

According to the report, one of the suspects, later identified as, Dylan Losey, 20, of Sailfish Road in Boca Raton, became confrontational with the victim when he asked Losey and his associate to stop harassing the store clerk. Losey and the other suspect, Joseph Pilkerton, were reportedly still flirting with the store clerk when a customer asked the two to leave the clerk alone.

Then the two suspects turned their attention on the soon to be victim. They told the victim to “Shut up, old man, before I beat you to death.” and to “mind your business”. According to witness statements as well as CCTV review performed by investigators, that is when they attacked the victim. The suspects then allegedly pushed over the victim’s motorcycle and took a lunchbox off of it that contained his wallet, phone, and keys. When the victim tried to recover his belongings, he was beaten with a broomstick across his back and neck.

Responding PBSO deputies were able to recover the victim’s phone and keys from a nearby shrub after calling the victim’s phone. The wallet with about $135 dollars cash and credit cards in it was still missing. The victims were seen fleeing northbound from the Chevron.

The suspects were successfully identified by crime analyst with Broward Sheriffs Office working other cases the two are allegedly involved in. Information was shared between both departments and PBSO detectives filed for a warrant to arrest Losey. The two have been identified by Broward Sheriffs Office as being involved in a number of recent armed robberies in the area.

Since Pilkerton is a minor we are currently unable to confirm whether or not he has been arrested. According to the arrest report it appears there is probable cause to arrest him as well. Boca Post has reached out to PBSO and we are waiting for clarification on that and will provide an update once confirmed.

Losey is facing the following charges at his first appearance this morning:

  • 5 counts of 948.06 PROBATION VIOLATION