Bar Brawl At West Boca Duffy’s Leads To Felony Arrest For Battery On Elderly Person

Bar Brawl At West Boca Duffy'S Leads To Felony Battery On Elderly Person - Jeffrey Daniels Mugshot

Jeffrey Daniels, Courtesy Of Pbso

By: BocaPost.com Staff | The Boca Post (BocaPost.com)

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The Incident – October 18th, 2021

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue were called and responded to a an incident at the Duffy’s Sports Grill located in the Mission Bay Plaza at 20465 South State Road 7 in Boca Raton after a physical altercation broke out at the bar. When Sheriff’s deputies arrived they found an elderly man being treated for injuries he sustained from being knocked off of his bar stool when the fight occurred. While this victim was not part of the fight, he was injured because of it.

According to a police report, witnesses state that two different groups of men were at the bar when a verbal altercation started. One of the groups had a young girl with them and she was being loud according to one of the victims. The elderly victim, who’s name is redacted from the report, said he told the group to keep the girl quiet. At that time, two men came over from the group and yelled at the victim. The victim was then punched in the face multiple times by who is now known as Jeffrey Daniels. The victim was able to flee the establishment and escaped to his vehicle in fear of the Daniels.

The victim then returned to the scene and provided a statement to responding deputies. It is noted that there is another victim, William Allen, who is observed on video being punched in the face multiple times by Daniels. Allen did not return to the scene and did not want to press charges.

Jeffrey Daniels was later identified by restaurant staff as being a frequent customer.

The Arrest – 11/9/21

At about 10:00pm, Daniels was stopped for a traffic violation while exiting Oconnor’s at 9900 Sandalfoot boulevard in unincorporated Boca Raton. Daniels was pulled over in his Blue Hyundai Sonata for running two stop signs while leaving the pub. Deputies realized that they still had probable cause to arrest Daniels for the incident at Duffy’s the month prior so they detained him. As Daniels was being handcuffed, deputies noticed a crackpipe near where his feet were on the floorboard of his vehicle. It was later determined that the crackpipe tested positive for cocaine residue. Daniels denied knowledge of the crackpipe but was charged with it due to Florida’s constructive possession laws.

Daniels was then arrested and charged with the following:



Daniels was transported to PBSO Jail at the early hours of the morning of 11/10 where he was later released without bond. He has several conditions of his release including no contact orders with the victims and Duffy’s. He is also required to refrain from illegal drugs and alcohol and is subject to random drug and alcohol testing.