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ARRESTED: Grinch In Delray

Delray Beach Woman Arrested For Cutting Down Christmas Lights. Tazed. Kicks Cop In Face.

Arrested Grinch In Delray Beach - Rosenie Cinada
Rosenie Cinada, Courtesy Of Palm Beach Sheriff’S Office

Boca Raton, FL – The Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Delray Beach woman was arrested on Wednesday for cutting city owned Christmas lights off of poles in downtown Delray Beach. Rosenie Cinada, 41, was observed cutting off city owned Christmas lights off of city owned fixtures.

Officers of Delray Beach Police Department’s Clean and Safe Unit responded to reports of a woman cutting down Christmas lights on the 800 block of W Atlantic Avenue on December 15th at approximately 11:21am. While questioning other individuals, an officer observed Cinada just west of his location, actively cutting lights off of a pole with a utility knife in an ‘angry manner’.

According to a police report submitted by arresting officers from the Delray Beach Police Department, Cinada had an angry facial expression on her face as she was ripping through Christmas lights with her utility knife.

Officers observed Cinada put the knife in her pocket as they were approaching her. Cinada was then given many commands to put the knife down but she ignored. After ignoring all of the officers lawful orders, Cinada continued to approach one of the officers. Cinada was then tasered and fell to the ground where she was then safely apprehended.

Officers learned that there was a total of 8 poles with the lights cut off near where the Cinada was arrested. The total damages came to be $1,800 according to the Delray Beach Downtown Development Agency.

Cinada was escorted to Delray Medical Center by Delray Beach Fire Rescue for medical clearance. While in the the ER, Cinada kicked a CSI technician in the face when she tried to take pictures of her as part of her job. After being medically cleared, Cinada was escorted to the Palm Beach County Jail where she was released the next day on $6,000 bond.

Cinada is now facing the following charges:

  • 806.13(1B3) CRIMINAL MISCHIEF ($1,000 OR MORE)


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