Jupiter Farms Man Arrested After Being Accused Of Raping Teenage Girl

Matthew Steinmetz Of Jupiter Farms Charged With Sexual Battery

Matthew Steinmetz Of Jupiter Farms Charged With Sexual Battery
Matthew Steinmetz Of Jupiter Farms Charged With Sexual Battery

JUPITER, FL – Boca Post ( — Matthew Steinmetz of Jupiter Farms has been arrested and charged with sexual battery, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Matthew Steinmetz, 53, of the 16000 block of 112th Trail North in Jupiter Farms, has been arrested Friday evening by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and is being charged with sexual battery following an investigation that started in January of 2021.

The then-18-year-old victim told investigators she went to a party at Steinmetz’s home in Jupiter Farms with some friends. Steinmetz said that during the party she consumed several shots of Vodka. The victim explained that typically, four shots of vodka will not affect her; however, after these shots, she began to feel dizzy and sick. She walked to an outdoor patio couch to lay down.

The victim says that while on the couch by herself, Matt sat next to her and asked if she was okay because she had been throwing up. Matt told her to take a nap and she may have fallen asleep. The victim says that she woke up to Matt arguing with her friend who then walked away, leaving her alone with Matt. Then, she felt Matt pull down her leggings and
underwear, leaving her black tube top on. She stated that he was “pumping me” for about
five minutes and then he stopped and walked away. The victim says that Matt did
not say a word while he was having sex with her.

The victim then put her clothes on and ran to her car where her friend, was sitting while to music. She said that her car was less than ten feet away from the couch. The victim said that there was no one around the couch where the incident with Matt happened.

After the interview, the victim agreed to perform a controlled call to Steinmetz with investigators listening. When PBSO investigators and the victim performed a controlled call to Steinmetz, He confirmed that they both saw each other the previous night but denied the allegations she made regarding having sex with her. Furthermore, he said that he left the party early for a job.

A Sexual Battery Evidence Collection Kit (SBECK) was conducted and submitted to evidence.

In March 2021, investigators received the results from the SBECK, which confirmed the presence of male DNA. Investigators then moved forward with obtaining a DNA Search Warrant and served Steinmetz. Steinmetz then provided DNA samples per the warrant.

In May 2021, the PBSO crime lab provided DNA results to the investigators stating that “Matthew Steinmetz cannot be excluded”. Matthew Steinmetz declined to provide a statement; however, during the controlled phone call between him and the victim, he denied having sex with her and said he left the party early.


More than a year later, PBSO investigators applied for an arrest warrant and arrested Steinmetz, charging him with “794.011(5B) SEXUAL BATTERY (VICTIM 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER)”.

Steinmetz was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 7:10 on Friday evening where he remains today. Steinmetz saw a judge this morning who set his bond at $50,000 and ordered that he has no contact with the victim.

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