Grand Villa Nursing Home Resident Arrested For Stalking Ex-Girlfriend In Boca Raton Polo Club

William Rickards Arrested For Cyber Stalking And Trespassing. Sends 100s Of Text Messages, Leaves 100s Of Love Notes

Grand Villa Nursing Home Resident Arrested For Stalking - William Rickards
Grand Villa Nursing Home Resident Arrested For Stalking Ex-Girlfriend In Boca Raton Polo Club – William Rickards

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Boca Post ( — A Grand Villa Nursing Home resident is facing cyberstalking and trespassing charges this morning, according to jail records released to Boca Post by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

William ‘Bill’ Rickards, 84, a resident of the Grand Villa Nursing Home in West Delray, has been arrested Monday evening by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. Grand Villa of Delray West is a resort-style senior living community located in unincorporated Delray Beach near Jog Road and W Atlantic Avenue.

Maybe Rickards enjoys his old residence, the Boca Raton Polo Club home of his ex-girfriend because he is accused of stalking her. Boca Post has been notified that the 84-year-old has been arrested for trespass after warning and cyber stalking.

According to an arrest affidavit submitted by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, Rickards has been stalking his ex-girlfriend since at least February of 2022.

The ex-girlfriend, a 97-year-old woman who lives in the Boca Raton Polo Club, does not want Rickards coming around her home. Rickards vacated the sprawling 5,000+ square foot home earlier in the year when the two broke up. However, the report says that Rickards comes back frequently to drop off love letters. Rickards admits to leaving up to 500 ‘love notes’ at the victim’s front door. Employees say they have seen Rickards hiding in bushes and peeking into windows.

Rickards is also accused of sending text messages, lots of text messages. In one of the texts, Rickards says he will love the victim “till i die” and says every time he goes there that PBSO and Security try to “lock him up”.

Rickards was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail at 11:48 on Monday evening where he remains this morning.

Rickards has been ordered house arrest with GPS tracking which will notify law enforcement should he violate the no-contact order by visiting his ex-girlfriend’s home.

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