Delray Beach Man Arrested After Kidnapping Elderly Nurse And Attacking Neighbors

Points Gun At 73 Year Old Nurse’s Head. Shots Fired In House. Attacks Neighbors.

Delray Beach Man Arrested After Kidnapping Elderly Nurse And Attacking Neighbors - Jeffrey Goolst

Jeffrey Goolst, Image Courtesy Of Palm Beach Sheriffs Office

Delray Beach, FL – Boca Post (BocaPost.com) — A Delray man is in the hospital and in PBSO custody after being arrested on many serious charges for his attack and kidnapping of a 73 year old healthcare worker and attacking neighbors.

Jeffrey Goolst, 59, of Demediel Ci. in Vizcaya of Delray Beach, is headed to jail after recovering from a PBSO dog bite in Delray Medical Center, following his alleged kidnapping and attack on Saturday, January 15th, 2022.

A 73-year-old home health care worker tells PBSO deputies that she was seeing a new patient in the 55+ community of Vizcaya in Delray Beach when the guard was not letting her in. The guard then spoke to the patient’s son, Jeffrey Goolst, who then yelled at the guard.

The nurse showed up to the house and knocked on the door, but no one answered. The nurse then heard someone yell “COME IN!” but the door was locked. The nurse then walked around to the garage and went in that way where she met Jeffrey. The nurse tells police that as soon as she walked in that Jeffrey put a gun to her head and started to yell at her.

The 73-year-old nurse said that Jeffrey continued to yell and scream which made her very uncomfortable. The nurse explained that she was there to help his mother. Jeffrey then yelled and told her to take care of his mother. The nurse then heard what she thought was a gunshot. She then tried to flee the house.


Jeffrey followed the nurse outside and questioned why she was leaving. He yelled at her again and threw her keys. She was eventually able to get her keys and fled the area. The nurse went home and called police as soon as she got to her home in Boynton Beach.

Shortly after the nurse left, Goolst went over to the neighbor’s house and asked him to come over. Once the neighbor came over to the house, he wanted to see Jeffrey’s mother to make sure she was OK. The neighbor went into the house and saw Jeffrey’s mother on the toilet. When the neighbor asked the mother how long she was on the toilet for she responded, “I DON’T KNOW”. Jeffrey then picked the mother up and threw her in to a wheelchair. The neighbor became very uncomfortable and left.

Goolst followed the neighbor out and then tackled him in the front lawn. Goolst is observed punching the neighbor several times in the face. The neighbor was eventually able to overpower Jeffrey and flee. Jeffrey told all the bystanders that he was going to shoot every one of them and retreated into his house. The group then fled to another neighbor’s house. After some time, Goolst then used a slingshot to shoot glass slingshot ammo at the group.

PBSO then responded and immediately formed a shield team. Jeffrey was given commands to come out and he started to comply. Jeffrey then suddenly jumped up aggressively and attempted to retreat back into the residence. A K-9 was deployed which took Goolst down to the ground. Goolst was then apprehended without further incident.

Goolst is still in Delray Medical Center recovering from the K-9 dog bite. Jeffrey’s mother was taken to the hospital as well. PBSO notified DCF to meet with the mother at Delray Medical Center.

PBSO got a warrant to search the house where they found 1 spent shell casing, 1 firearm, and 1 box of 1/2-inch glass sling shot ammo.

When Goolst is released from the hospital, he will be booked in to the PBSO jail where he is facing the following charges:

  • 5 counts of ASSAULT – ON PERSON 65 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER (784.08 2B (FS))
  • DAMAGE PROP-CRIM MISCH – 1000 DOLS OR MORE (806.13 1B3 (FT))

Currently Goolst’s bond is set at $185,000.