ARRESTED: Delray Beach Police Officer Under Arrest For Grand Theft

Arrested Delray Beach Police Officer Under Arrest For Grand Theft - Jacaria Stringer

Delray Beach Officer Jacaria Stringer, Image Courtesy: Facebook

DELRAY BEACH, FL – Boca Post ( — FDLE announced today that Officer Jacaria Stringer of Delray Beach Police Department is under arrest for grand theft and official misconduct following an investigation.

Jacaria Stringer, 25, of Riviera Beach, was hired by Delray Beach Police Department as a Police Officer to enforce the laws; however, she has been arrested for breaking them and defrauding the City of Delray Beach.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement has accused Stringer of fraud saying the officer claimed to be on military leave, collecting an income for same, when she was not actually in training on any of the days she listed. In fact, Stringer’s platoon Seargent has disciplined Stringer for not attending “Battle Assembly Training”.

The time off request resulted in Stringer being paid more than $6,500 for the time she claimed to be on military leave.

FDLE agents found that Stringer filed at least 21 fraudulent timesheets with Delray PD. The arrest report filed by FDLE states that Delray Beach PD requested FDLE investigate the matter.

“The police department’s internal investigation of Officer Stringer has been tolled pending the outcome of the criminal investigation from the State Attorney’s Office.  Once that investigation has concluded, the administrative investigation will proceed,” said Delray Beach Police Chief Javaro Sims.

Stringer turned herself into PBSO custody yesterday, March 22nd, 2022. Stringer refused to make any comments to investigators under the advice of her legal counsel.